The Tri-arcular house

The idea of a pure, expressive, unadorned and rigorous structural system which pushes technology and the laws of mechanics to their greater limits represents the defining characteristics of this house.

The spatial qualities of the building became defined by its structural solutions, ie the architecture of this house is its structure. The elevated location of the house on Mount Alto Co Wicklow and its fantastic views were the focal point and priority during the design process.
west elevation

In order to decrease interference with the landscape, the house meets the ground at three points only. These three columns are the main structural elements, which hold up the entire structure. In line with the concept that everything that is not structural is taken away, the floor plates are entirely structure free, allowing for unobstructed views of the forests and sea. This is achieved by placing three arches around its circular perimeter, which act as the structure to hold up the floor plates. It follows the principles of a bridge supported by arches.

We have designed the tri-arcular house in order to test new developments in technology and to develop our design skills and ideas. We have invested in and used this project as a vehicle for design exploration - Apart from the Vortex chandelier by Zaha Hadid, all the furniture is designed by Magnaparte. Interior views of the house will be released alongside the furniture pieces, starting with the Praying Mantis which can be viewed in our product section here on this website.
view from gated entrance
View from south west approach