Synthesis standing desk

In order to accompany the Praying Mantis lean-to chair, we have designed the Synthesis standing desk. Made up of three hot rolled carbon steel elements, the table top is a triangle with smooth corners and a dip at the seating edge for ultimate comfort. The two supporting elements have one fold each and slot into designated elements on the underside of the table top. This desk complements the Praying Mantis lean-to chair like no other, both in design and comfort, and together they become the centrepiece of any space they inhabit.

The patent design of this desk is the intellectual property of Magnaparte.
  • Materials

    Choice of / recycled hot rolled carbon steel (treated finish) / recycled brushed stainless steal

  • Dimensions

    W × D × H: 287 × 194.6 × 114* cm

  • Weight

    123kg (Steel)

  • Finishes

    Choice of / recycled hot rolled carbon steel (treated finish) / powder-coated black / recycled brushed stainless steal

Film & Photography by Fionn McCann. Clothing by Lauris Brimmers. Location: Visual Carlow