Praying Mantis

More ergonomic than an office chair. More elegant than a leaning chair.

A solution to the modern sedentary lifestyle, the Praying Mantis leaning chair is made from a single piece of metal, folded at four points. The chair aids a relaxed, ergonomic pose, and its form is pure, expressive and unadorned. The seating experience is luxurious: a cushion composed of five grades of foam is encased in an Italian Napa leather cover.

The chair offers superior support with a second cushion at the feet, giving the option for optimum comfort at all points of contact. Both hand stitched cushions are detachable — held by concealed fixings – so that the lower cushion can easily be removed if needed.
The patent design of this chair is the intellectual property of Magnaparte.
  • Materials

    Choice of recycled aluminium with velcro cushion attachment / recycled
    hot rolled carbon steel with magnet cushion attachment

  • Upholstery

    Choice of Italian Napa leather / Eco-leather

  • Dimensions

    W × D × H: 65 × 146 × 90* cm

  • Weight

    17kg (recycled aluminium) / 43kg (recycled steel)

  • Finishes

    Choice of gloss black / powder-coated black / recycled hot rolled carbon steel (Treated Finish)

Film & Photography by Fionn McCann.